Monday, June 24, 2013

mais uma no ceu 4/16/12

im staying here in itaciba with elder dance for one more transfer which means that you guys will get to meet him and talk to him on skype woot woot.
so this past week has been such a great week were working our buts off and the lord is sure blessing us a lot. we baptised marcelo and selma this past week and it was so flippen cool the were so dang excited and the lord had prepared them for sure. elder rocha is the only one who got transfered in my district so we will be getting one more elder here in itaciba it will be fun for sure it is always good to have changes.
the work is going really well our ward here is super strong and the are giving references like its nobodys buisness. this week we tried to get into contact with all of them. so this week we were running alot. we didnt get any really firm dates marked but we found alot of people and we will see if they will progress or not.
so this morning in my personal study i was studying in alma 49 and in verse 18 i think it is? it is talking about how moroni built up his forts and his wall and fortified the city so that the only was that the laminites could enter was right throught the front gate. and i was thinking alot about that. and how we need to fortify ourselves so much. when we fortify ourselves the only way that sin can enter in is coming straight at you and you will be able to resist that sin because it will be repulsing to you. lets use drinking as an example. if you put your self in the situation were you are at a party and everyone is drinking for sure you will turn it down the first few times but after a while that little voice telling you to drink it will come in through one of the side enterances and you will fall. we need to build our forts  so strong that temptation can only come to us in its plain and simple form. if we have some little side battle that were fighting on the back side, our entrance is not gonna have all of that attention that it need to resist the temptation. we need to do everything that we can to strengthen our walls and to let the sin come to us in the form that  it really is, reviling! so that was a cool lesson i learned today in my studies.
well have a great week, tell britt and jaden both congrats, they are both about to make eternal covenants with our lord that will bless there lives forever and im very excited for them. love you guys
com amor Elder Furrows 

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