Monday, June 24, 2013

Successes 1/21/13

so this week was super good we had a lot of sucess in finding new people and families to teach so that has been very good. the devil is working hard to bring down our investigators but we are also working hard against him. yesterday we got gracyany to church and she loved it. and also we got atila to chruch he is paralized so he came in a wheel chair it was legit. i dont know if you had the same class yesterday from the teachings of president snow but if you had the 2nd lesson taught then that was an amazing lesson. it really helped our investigators out. this is the last week of the transfer we will see if i will stay or not. im loving this area. this last week it has rained a little so i t is nice. o ya i got my shoes redone. now i have airplane tires for the soles :) but all is well here. im glad you had a great bithday. it looks like it was a good time. have a good week and i love you all.
love Elder Furrows

ps tell rusten that he will have to make me something cool on his lathe when i get home

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