Monday, June 24, 2013

Water and Harvest 10/27/12

hey hey how are you doing? how was your week. it sounds like it was pretty busy. my week was super great! man i cant believe that im not gonna have any more wyoming experiences. that is super sad but its all good as long as grandma is happy that is what is important! holy cow there is snow there already that is so nuts! ya so my christmas package just send it like at the beging of november and it will get to me before christmas. somtimes letters take longer than packages to get here but on average it is about 2 weeks or so. but you can send the package because i wont have any way to get it till the next transfer in december. but your who knows!
so rusten is all excited thinking he is gonna win a wii? did he win it? 
 yup domaredzky took off. but it is all good cause i call him like once a day to chat with him ha ha. elder j santos is such a stud he is super humble and has such a strong testimony of the gospel it amazes me! he is super excited today cause he found out that his mom was called as a councilor in the releif society. 
     Rhamon is kind of being a slacker were just like letting him do what he pleases he is not keepint up with our compromises and its just not working out but good news were gonna baptise tomorow!!!!!!!!! it is gonna be so great. were working with the family of cesar augusto and him and his wife are getting there marrige all orginezed but in brazil it takes a long time so were gonna baptise the 3 kids tomorow and then ther parents the marrige. it will be super good. im super stoked! and if Rhamon goes to the baptism tomorow were gonna invite him to be baptised also so we'll see how that works out. the work is going super great! we are having alot of sucess here in out area and were super excited. 
           so this last week i ate lunch at this members house on sunday and she is super smart and now so much about the gospel. and i was inspired by her. i realized that i was satisfied with my self being the plane old elder furrows and i had stopped searching for the voice of the spirit. she asked me if i have ever had an expirence where i have heard the spirit talk to me to tell me what i needed to do? and i though and thought and i have never had an expirience like that. i left her house determined to really have the spirit be my constant companion and to let him give me inspiration and lead me in the ways that the lord would have me go. this week i prayed more than i have ever prayed. i am trying to become worthy to have the spirit be present in my life at all times. i want to know when i am being guided by the spirit. i realized that i must become a way better person than i am right now. i must forgive all those who have wronged me and i must make things right not only with men but more importantly with God. i still havnt heard the voice but i know that as i continue on praying and realling have a pure desire to be an instrument in the Lords hands that the holy ghost will be with me always. many of us think that once we are baptised we have the spirit with us at all times no matter what. but the spirit is very easy to offend and we must strive to feel his presence in our lives even after baptism. this week the new secratary is pretty much ready to do everytning by him self so i have had a lot of free time. i am reading the miracle of forgivness. it is such an amazing book and it is helping me so much to realize what i must do to be able to have the spirit as a constant companion. i love this gospel! Ilove the Lord and i know that Jesus Christ suffered for all of our sins. his part is finished now it depends on us to search to better ourselves and repent. im so happy to be serving a full time mission in the church that Jesus Christ restored threw a young man called joseph smith.  I know that this is Christ church and that this is his work. im starting to realize the importance of it more and more everyday. i looked out the window the other day in the office from the 15th floor and i saw how many people there are in this world that still need to hear the true gospel. the responsiblity of the saints of these last days is of great importance and i know that we all must strive to help all the people to hear of these glad tidings. when i looked out the window i thought of the second coming and how that day will be. i pictured a stuble field burning and i thought to myslef, that i will do what ever it takes to not be among the stuble. i have a lot of work to do ha ha. 
   well i love you all i hope you have a great week next week i will send some pics to you guys. have a good one. i know that i will!
Love Edler Furrows

ps; this is a little quote that i got from the book that im reading

 water thoughts, and harvest acts
water acts, and harvest habits
water habits, and harvest caracter
water caracter, and harvest eternal destiny

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