Monday, June 24, 2013


well how are you doing this week? is all well back home im  sure that it is. it sounds like you had a good time with the christmas party and all. and that you are busy and what not. that is super crazy about Caden Robison i bet he is pretty pumped up to get out of there. and that is super crazy about abby! hey speaking of which get the adress of her mission for me please? man i bet that makes Brenan super happy to know that he baptised someone and that they are on a mission now i bet that is amazing. 
     so this last week we have been melting in the sun. it is so hot here it is hard to believe. but were working still. i realized this last week that my prayers were getting kind of week and as a result i was getting unexcited with the work so i have started praying in a seperate room, and outload and it really is a cool expirience. were trying are best here this area is pretty rough but were moving that. we have transferes and a christmas party this week so that will be fun im pretty pumped up for that. we will go to vitoria tomorow and party it up. i didnt get transfered yet cause im still training my comp. 
    this week during our studdies we heard a knock at our door and we go out an we see some Jehovas Whitnesses and they saw us and three of them just walked off and left the guy to fend for himself. poor sucker ha ha it was a good conversation if you know what i mean. ha ha. no we didnt burn him we made him feel very good so it was all good. 
 well i hope that all is well back home. i made a new commitment this week to forget myself and go to work. i need to start working harder and start thinking more about the lords kingdom in the city so that it will grow here. well i love you all have a good one and we will talk to you next week
Elder Furrows

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