Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elder....... 3/11/13

how are you doing this week? sounds like all is well back home. that is sad to hear that grandma fell again but she is tough she wont let it get her down. im always praying for the health of everyone in our family. i know that the Lord will protect everyone. that is super cool that you guys got to hold the bears that would be super legit im sure. im sure that the talk that patriarch gave was super good. he is such a great man. it is interesting because satan is stronger than ever and he is coming with all his force. but on the other hand the Lord is hastening his work and He came back by calling more missionarys. we are getting alot of missinoarys these next couple transfers and yes alot are sisters. i love being on the mission at this time. that is crazy that emily called off the wedding but she wont regret it for sure.
  well the transfers were this week and it went super good. you will never guess who is my comp? Elder....... ........................................................Domaredzky:) yup me and dom again. it will be super good. we were called to be the assistents of president so now we have a lot of work to do. im pretty sure that this was the busiest week of my mission. we are serving in an awesome area called andre carloni. it is the best ward in the mission and we baptised this last weekend. we got here and the other elderes had left this guy that was still smoking and they werent really firm with him so we got here and we were super firm and he excepted and was baptised he is a stud he is mineiro.we have lost alot of sleep this week,late nights preparing trainings and keeping tabs on all the missionaries and the dates and baptisms. it is pretty crazy but we are seeing that the Lord is really showing us the things that we can do to have more sucess as a mission. so we are trying to be humble and follow that what the Lord would have us do. it is a very great expirience and im happy to be here.
  last week when i was talking about how it is alot harder to send someone home in the end of the mission than at the begining was because at the begining of the mission i was full of energy and at the i have been walking in the hot sun for more than a year in a half. and so when your comp is not excited it is harder for you to stay excited but now it is all good, im with domaredzky  my main man and it will be só sucesso!
   this week i had a dream that i got home and it was the weirdest feeling i have ever fealt i didnt like it to much, so i decided that im not coming home:) just kidding. well i love you so much. hope that you have a great week and that all goes well for you. pray for me!
love elder furrows

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