Monday, June 24, 2013

Prayer and Sacrifice 12/3/12

how is it going this week. our week went pretty swell. we are working our little tails off that is for sure. this last week nothing to crazy happened just alot of working. we are really trying our best to find to elects here but they are just not showing themselves or we are not recognizing them. im studying alot about the guidence of the holy ghost and im praying and fasting for his help. i hope that i can start helping more people. this week we have a activity at the church. it is a vacation to hawaii. it is gonna be super duper cool. were gonna invite everyuone to come and enjoy it with us. it will be a dang good time. i cant believe it is already december time is going by so dang fast. that is super cool that clint and brenan will be getting home pretty soon here. that would be awesome if clint extended. rusten sounds like he is pretty busy with all of his wood shop and stuff going down ha ha. im sure he is just having a blast. that is good that he is doing swimming again this year im sure that he is having the time of his life. and Elijah got home this week that is so nuts everyone is going home. sheena moved im guessing that is why i didnt have an email from here this week. ha ha. well thank you for everything i hope that all is well back home all is well here. were still working as hard as ever and i know that as we continue to do so that the lord will provide for us. i was reading the bible this week i think it is in lucas 22, it is talking about the lords sacrifice and his suffering in getsemeni, and it was a very humbling expirience for me to think that the Lord Christ had an angle confort him in his strugles that is how hard it was. i thought about that a lot and i realize that my struggles and my problems are very small. love you all 
Elder Furrows

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