Monday, June 24, 2013

UM ANO, QUE ISSO 7/21/12

holy cow one year of the mission down this is a very strange feeling. i have only heard that it passes faster and faster in the second year. that is kind of a bitter sweet thing. i love the mission so much it is so great my testimony has grown so much and i feel as if i really am turning into the man that god would have me be. it is kind of hard here in the office because of all the things that come up like i told you but it is so cool to se the miracles that happen even in the office. the lord is 100% in controll of the work. it is so amazing to be his service. this week we had a problem with the cell phones and the elderes werent able to call to sister and what not and i dont know how we found the problem but we did so it was such a blessing to be able to find that problem and get it all taken care of. 
   i called all the elders in my group yesterday to wish the a happy hump day and it is so amazing to see the difference in every one of them from when we got here until now. it was super fun talking with all of them my group is so cool i love all of them so much. me and elder domaredzky are from the same group also so we went and got us some hot dogs yesterday woot woot. 
        so this week was super good on monday it was edler barr´s birthday and so his grandpa put some cash in his acount and so we baught this food from a place called habibis. it was super good it is like fast food. and that same day we had another b day party for presidents grandaughter at pres house and had even more food there. it was super sad his grandaughter went home this week im gonna miss that little girl. rusten you should totaly marry her because she is so flippen cool. ha ha. that same night we had our meeting with president and he told me and elder barr to pick 5 americans that coud be the next assistants. i was blown away when he asked us that . i hope i picked well ha.
   so the next day we watched the 17 miracles with this family of less actives and it was so legit i will tell you what. the wife is like trying her hardest to be active and her husband has been inactive for a whill but they are the neatest family and so we are trying to help them out. we watched this film, and of cours the whole time i was crying my eyes out, it gets me everytime. but the spirit was so strong there and after wards we bore testimony and it was super cool we are gonna get them to come back for sure. 
       it is interesting working in the office because you end up knowing of all the problems of every elder and of everything on the misison. the other day we had a problem with some elders in this city way up north the owner of the appartament called saying all this stuff and i was just so sad as i was hearing all of this stuff. it leaves such a bad image on the church and it makes me so sad that those elders would be wasting their special 2 years as missionaries like this. your so right mom, how you said the devil is so strong he really works with your weaknesses and if you are not careful he will win. me and my comp are making goals so that we can be better missionaries and so that we can resist the temptations of the devil. it is funny because me and my comp are super good. but the devil is not gonna come up to us with a big thing and temp us. he is gonna get us to break a little mission rule and the will lead to something worse. it is the same thing with any other thing in our lifes. we always have to be on our guard. 
      well i love the misison i promise that this last year im gonna do my best, i know that it will pass fast but im not gonna think about that. 
so grandma fell that is no good but im gald that she is doing better now. sam who? rens son? that is cool rusten is just a partyng fool isnt he:) well i am sending so pics that are of like the last couple months of the mission. im not sure wich ones are which but here they are. 
love you and have a great week
Love Elder Furrows

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