Monday, June 24, 2013

Generations!!! 11/12/12

hey hey how are you this week? my week has gone super well. im in my new area and loving it. and my new comp is a stud. his name is elder marlette and he is from boutifull utah. this is his first area on the mission poor sucker, ( i say poor sucker because this area is rough it is the hottest area of the mission) so ya he is super cool. he is already speaking portuguese very well, he is just a little bit shy to talk. but it will all work out. were in this new area it is called Cachoeiro de Itapimerim, it is up in the mountians and it is just straight up hills. we walk up and down and up and down all day and it is the hottest area of the mission! last week it was like 120 degrees here. it was rough! but it is good for ya. it will make a stronger right? 
        we showed up in the area and the sister that were here before were both going home and so they didnt leave to much for us to work with but were pressing on. we had a great week and found some new people and were getting to know all of the members and everyone else. it is going very well were planning a whole bunch of cool activities that were do this transfer. were trying to mark family nights every single night so that we can get a lot of support from the ward. it will all work out. my comp is super excited and ready to work. it is funny seeing him cause i remember me when i got here on the mission. we show up super worried about everything and then we just get used to it. he is super worried about like the water and the food and little things that i dont even remember that i worried about. it is so fun. were haveing a lot of fun together. 
  so this week elder grange, of the area seventy, gave a talk in our ward and it was super good. first of all he called me and my comp up to the front and he told all the members that we are the best missionaries and that we will baptise any reference that they give to us. so the pressure is on ha ha. also he said that so many time we pray and pray and ask for answers but he said something cool he said. " if you want to talk to  God pray, if you want answers to your prayers read the scriptures" it was really good what he said. 
       holy cow that is so crazy about abby she is taking off into the field. and she is uper ready it sounds like. she can already speak the language she is gonna rock. 
rusten made a shoooting range? that sounds fun. im sure Del Ray enjoyed his breakfast all by himself tell him that if i was there i would have eaten with him ha ha. ya that was a monkey we were trying to get it to walk into our hands but it wouldnt ha ha. well sorry that this is short but know that all is well. im probably gonna loose a lot of weight from sweating so much in the area but it will be good. have a great week love you guys.
Elder Furrows

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