Monday, June 24, 2013

"eu vou te matar, alemão" haha 6/9/12

so this morning as we are leaving to come write emails that there is this drunk dude in the front of his house that had probably been out there since last night drinking. so i say good morning to me and he say eu vou te matar alemão, which means i will kill you german. everyone calls white people here germans, so i just say to him alright man its gonna be a good time and he just kept on screaming at me but never got up and we all were just laughing so hard at him and everyone on the street was laughing so it was a good morning so far. 

well this past week has been super good, i have learned so much. excel is such a crasily inteligent program. the office is pretty sweet. we work till about 5 at night and then leave and we normaly get about 3 hours of work in. im not gonna lie it is not enough time at all. there are so many people to help here and when we only have 3 hours to teach it is hard to get everyone taught that we need to. we had a great week this week we marked 4 dates with some super awesome people. i love this area so much the people are all so awesome. it is so easy to find people here to teach. it is nice because in any other are that i have served in me and my comp were in charge of 30 bairros but this area we only work in 1 and it is small and so it is really sweet. there are so many members and they are all willing to help. 

so yesterday we had a zone conference and it was super good. a friend of president araujo came and gave a talk and he is super good. he burnt us all and than got us all excited to do better. we asked a question, "how many of you had to get a bus to get here today?" and there is only one companionship that lives right by the churhc so everyone had to get  a bus. so then he askes how many of you made a contact and asked someone if they wanted you to pass by there house? and there was like 2 people that raised there hand, and then everyone just soaked up their shame, but it was good for us we have to hear the things that we dont want to hear so that we can get better. he continued on saying that the lord is always putting people around you that are prepared to hear our message but if we wont make the contact we will loose that person. so i realized that i have a lot of things to change. he also talked about supporting the decisions of our leaders and i know that there are alot of missionaries that are always complaing about the rules and what not so it was good that he talked about that stuff also. 

so one thing that is cool about the staff is that every monday we have a meeting with the president at his sweet house on the beach. and we talk about the mission and get the inside scoop on everything that is going on. so that is super cool. this friend of president that came to visit will be there on monday with us. and i hava a feeling that there are gonna be some interesting changes in the mission. im pretty sure that my comp is gonna change again and i will be with an american again but it is all good the american is super good. i will tell you more about it next week if it actually happens. 

well im sorry this email is lame there really wasnt to much that had happend this past week so ya. but i love you all hope that you have a great week and that all is well
love elder furrows

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