Monday, June 24, 2013

Preaching the Word 3/19/12

well hello my lovely family. how is everyone this week. so this last week was a pretty dang good week. we had a lot of fun and we learned alot of good new things.  we had our zone conference at our chaple here in caricica. it was super cool. it is different when you serve here close to vitoria. because in linhares we just had our zone only but here it is 4 zones it is super cool. we learned a ton of new good things that we are applying to our work and i know that it will work out.
also this last week me and elder rocha did a divisão and it was so dang fun we went crazy and we where preaching in the road in the bars and we found a ton of new people it was super fun and i learned a lot of things.
so also this sunday me and my comp are sitting there in the sacrement meeting and they are like passing the sacrement and me comp is like elder furrows bishop wants you so i run up there real fast and he is all hey you will give a talk after they fininsh passing the sacrement so i sat down to try to think of something and i was called up there so i started talking and i was just going on rambling off and i thought it was gonna be short but i got the 2 miniute warning card ha ha. it was pretty funny and then last night we had a fire side of mission work and it was super good. we all gave a little spill and it was awesome. elder dance is such a beast he is speaking so well and he is not scared of anything he is such a great misssionary.
so marcelo and selma didnt end up getting married, marcelo flippen safado. im so sick of that man. it is a sad deal. but its all good.
man i dont know if felipe move i hope not. and yes i got that little package of pudding and goodys thank you so much. sorry this is so short but i love you guys.
tell rusten keep up the good missionary work and im so proud of him that is so awesome.
love elder furrows

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