Thursday, June 27, 2013

Help Others 2/25/13

so this week was super good. we are working hard and were staring to see some of the fruits of our labor. my comp is doing good. this is his last week and he woke me up this morning dancing and screaming that it is just one more week ha ha so he is pretty trunky but he is still working super hard. this next transfer there are 20 missionaries that are going to show up and the are about 15 that are going home so the transfer is gonna be super big and  im sure it will be fun. there is alot that im trying to get better at and im fasting alot latley. im know that it will help. im already recognizing some of the little changes that are happening in my life. 
    this week we were at the chruch calling some people to mark our compromises and when we walked out there was these 2 women that were there and asked if we could help them out because the were starving and there kids were at home hungry and so we went and asked the patriarch if he could help them out and he was all no just give them some eggs that are in the fridge at the chruch, well i could see that they werent just trying to rob us so we went and baught them some groceries. it is always good to help when you can. alot of the times people in brasil and in the whole world they are always thinking that people are just out to get them and that if you help someone out that you are not doing any good. i dont like that vision. i think that we need to help everyone. we need to go to whatever extent that may be necessary to help our brothers and sisters. i see it here alot the members of the chruch are not willing to help the other members of the chruch let alone a complete stranger and it makes me sad. money is a thing that can be good and used for good but also satan has taken it and is using it to his advantage alot. we will not be judged according to the money that we make here on this earth but of what we did to help otheres and our good actions. 
     well this week will be super good im sure i hope that all is well. have a good wekk i know that i will. 
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