Monday, June 24, 2013

Só Bençãos 10/20/12

so this week was super crazy not gonna lie but it was super good. so to start off that is so cool that jody came home for the weekend and that you guys all had a lot of fun together! tell rusten that im sorry about his cat that died:) and good work on selling those shoes back. tell everyone hi for me this weekend maybe you will read this while you are still in utah if so give everyone a big hug from me. how did everything go at grandmas house? how is her new appartament? i hope that she is doing well. tell jody that im sorry that she got robbed that stinks but it will all work out it always does!
     so this week was super good. but it was also super sad, so yesterday i had to say goodbye to Elder Domaredzky, i almost cried it was so sad. there was a kid that was slack that got sent home ( which was also super sad, i dont like seeing people go home early) and so Domaredzky got sent to take care of his zone. it was super random pres just called and was all hey elder domaredzky is elder j santos( the new sec. that is taking his place) ready to work without you? and domaredzky was all ya for sure and he is all good cause you are going back to the field! so he left yesterday and it was pretty sad but its all good. so as of now it is just me and elder j santos. im traing 2 new secrataries that are gonna work in the office now. so after i leave then there will be 3 secretaries and they will stay in a trio. it will be good. 
       so we have some great investigators right now. were working with this mom and daughter that are super elect! we invited them to be baptised and the daughter excepted, the mom was a little bit more dificult but they are gonna go to chuch tomorow so will see how that goes. they are super rich so it will possibly be the first super rich family i help? we also have the family of Cesar, yesterday we went there and taught about the word of wisdom. it was pretty intense every one said they would live even cesar but he doesnt have very much desire to live it so were gonna have to give him a good burner lesson to get him excited about his salvation:) 
      Rhamon came to integration night this week and one of the members asked when was his baptism gonna be and he was all its gonna be next week! so that was exciting now we just got to make sure that it happens! the work is going super good. im super pumped to be leaving the office and go back to the field.
       so this week i had a very cool expirience. we were preparing a lesson, the plan of salvation, and im always super scared to teach this lesson cause it is super hard to get the point across to people in a very clear way. so we prepared and made a lesson plan and everything and we got there and it was the best lesson that i have ever taught in my life. this for sure is not the first time that i have made a lesson plan but i think the Lord was just testing my patience to see if i would keep preparing because normaly it never goes that smooth so i was super happy this week with that lesson. 
   well that is about all for me. hope you all have a great week. love you
Elder Furrows

ps my comp wants to right you something real fast:

ok I'm not so good with english. specially with computers haha but I just want thank you. You have to be proud for your son. his is my companion now and we're learning a lot together. I'm Elder J. Santos and I just would like to share this with you all. I have four years of baptism and i know that the miracles happen in the mission. recently my mom was baptized and i always share this not to vanglory or somthing like that just because this one of my blessings. congratulations. we laugh a lot with your letters. you're awesome. have a nice day bye.

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