Monday, June 24, 2013

Baptism 1/7/13

hey hey,
so the deed is done. she is good and married? well that is good i hope that she is happy and has a good time:) as for me and my house we will serve the lord ha ha. we are doing super good here. the baptisms happened yesterday and it all worked out just like we had planned. i fasted because during the week the mom of the twins kind of got a little sketchy on us so i fasted the the baptims would work out and i thought that my fast was in vain cause sunday morning shows up and i tried calling her she didnt answer, we showed up at the chruch and they werent there. and i was like wow that sucks. but boy was i wrong. my faith was super week and then when i saw them walking in with their big smiling faces i knew that the lord had blessed my fast. it was really one of the first times that i had seen the automatic blessing from fasting. 
    this week has been good. we stayed up tilll midnight to welcome in the new years and then we suffered the next day ha ha. but it was all good. it is still just as hot as ever and will continue being just as hot for aonther 2 months or so ha ha. our investigators are doing super good. were having alot of sucsess. it is going great. 
      this morning we got up super early to climb up this peak with some members. it is the highest peak here in cachoeiro and it was super legit. we had a dang good time and i took some really good pictures. 
   tell rusten congrats on the swimming and that our race is still on when i get home. i think i will still be able to beat him ha ha. 
well hope all is well back home, love you all
Elder Furrows

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