Monday, June 24, 2013

Faith 9/1/12

how are you doing this week? sounds like it is just gonna be a big party befor school starts. rusten starts on the 5th right? wish him luck ha ha. 7th grade that is so flippen crazy i cant believe how old he is getting. and the older he gets the older i get ha ha. i was entering in fichas ya im not sure what that word is in english anymore it is the thing you feel out when you baptise someone. so i was entering those into the system of the church and there was some people that were born in 1995 and when it poped up that those people are 17 years old i was like o crap im getting old ha ha. 
    im glad you liked that poem it was really good i thought. so you are going to 2 concerts this week loook at you go ha ha. tell doug happy birthday for me. that im thankfull for all he does for me and for you and our family. 
    so you are going to a bbq this weekend that should be very good. here in about 3 week we are going to travel to nanuque with president and he is gonna take us to churrascaria that is super amazing im super pumped. 
       so this week was super amazing. my faith is growing so much and my understanding of the scriptures and of preach my gospel is expanding so much. me and my comp study like wild dogs. we were thinking the other day in asking president for one day just to study the whole day and really ponder and pray and try to understand. but that probably wont ever happen ha ha. this week we were teaching nilda and we had marked her baptism for the 13th of this month well we were talking and she is going to go to são paulo and stay there for 6 days befor that so we felt like it would be better to do it before she leave so good news. tonight nilda is getting baptised wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! were so excited she is seriously so amazing and so ready to get baptised. it is so cool when you can really tell that someoney is ready to be baptised. she is amazing. the man who will baptise her will be Fred he was baptised 3 weeks ago and so this will be his first baptism and he will be able to help her now as she is starting in the church it will be super good for him to make his testimony stronger. were super excited:) 
       this week we had zone conference. it was super good. we did alot of practices and president and sister both gave super good messages at the begining. it was super cool this time because during the trainings than president was involved and giving us suggestions and it was super neat. 
    im so greatfull to be here in this time and in this place i know the lord has people waiting for me and that i need to develop my faith to find them. im really trying super hard latley to develop more faith. i have realized that i need to rely more on the lord in my thoughts and not in my self but that i need to act like everything depends on me as im working. i am enjoying my mission so much. i cant believe how fast it is going. clint is about to go home and after that im pretty much home. it is amazing how fast the mission flys. it is funny becuase you see the missionaries that are slacking off and not obeying the rules and the only thing that they think about is going home and how slow there mission is passing. and then you see the elderes who are working hard and who have  really forgoten about themselves and gone to work and they cant stand the though of going home adn the mission passes so fast for them. our mission president was talking about how we can think about our being set apart literaly. we are leteraly to set ourselves apart from all of our worldly affairs and dedicate ourselves completly to the service of the lord. im pretty sure this is in the mission call when you get it. but it is so true and im trying my best to follow this recomendation. this mission is amazing im so happy and i hope all is well back home. love you all have a great week. 
Love Elder Furrows

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