Monday, June 24, 2013

"Somos gratos por elder, e flores" hahahaha 7/14/12

 well hello there one and all. how are things going this week? things for us this week were well good in the aspect of secretarys but in the aspect of missionary work not so good. but it was still a super good week. the reason for the title is because we were in a lesson the other day and we asked the lady to say the closing prayer because we wanted to get out of there, they were really nice people but they just didnt pay atention to anything that we were saying. so the first day we met them i told them my name, and they are all like what how do you say it. and i was all its flores, which means flowers in portegues. so yesterday we ask her to say the closing prayer and she started to say it and she is all were greatfull that elder (elder domaredzky) and flores ( me) can be here with us tonight. and then she just kept going on saying things that had nothing to do with anything and it was a good time. you  got to love the people of brasil:)
     so this week was pretty intense for us. we have an elder that is going home early and we found this out on tuesday. so elder spencer calls me and says hey you need to get ahold of his stake president so that he can talk with him to see if he is gonna go home or not. so im trying to get ahold of his stake president the whole day and he wasnt picking up. i was llike o no what do i do in this situation. i talked with his wife and she was all he is in meetings today he prabably wont be able to answer. well i thought to my self " self, i have enough faith that if i call him right now that he will some how feel the need to leave the meeting and answer his phone" well i soon came to the realization that my faith is very week because he didnt answer the phone and didnt call back until like 6:30 at night. ha haha. so ya i need to work on my faith that is for sure cause if i cant get a man to answer his phone how am i gonna move mountains? ha ha. 
     but the worst part was that we had all of our appouintments marked and then we had to drop everything to help out this kid. it made me so sad. in the first place i was so sad to see that he wasnt giving the impotance to his mission that he should be. that really made me think so much this week as i was with him how greatfull i am for my mission and i shared that with him alot trying to help him realize the importance of it. the second thing that made me sad is that we had to drop all of our appointments just like that and it was like that this whole entire week. every night we had to stay at the office or go to another city to help some missionary. so our area is suffering, but it is all good because we are gonna kick but this week. 
      me and elder domaredzky are doing great i love the kid. he is so fun. we have a lot of fun together. this week soccer was liberated again so we can play now woot woot. also at integration nigth we played some intense dodgeball and it was so dang fun im good and sore. i was playing hard. 
      ya i cant beleive that it has been a year already. time is flying by so fast it feels like i have been here 1 day. and they say that time goes even faster in the office. and im seeing that they are right. it is seriously flying by i dont want to close my eyes or i will miss it. 
     so rusten is just a little party animal camping it up that is good. he needs to do that kind of stuff. and aubree got a new car holy cow she is spoiled. she sent me some pictures and they are pretty dang sweet im not gonna lie im jelous. it is a  sweet car. now all she needs to do is fill it with children haha. is grandma still at the house? tell her hi for me and happy birthday also. that i love her so much. so are you telling me that the alero is mine when i get home?:) or you could even trade it and get a new car and give that to meha ha jk. 
      well thank you for everything i love you so much hope you are having a great week.
Love Elder Furrows

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