Monday, June 24, 2013

mais um dia de vida 2/20/12

well this week has been a very good week. it sounds like you guys are having fun back home im glad. that is awesome about the ice fishing and all that crazy jazz. sounds like all is just fine and dandy back home.
so this week was  a different week for me we had to do some things that werent really what i wanted to do but i know that the lord well bless us when we make sacrifices like this. we pretty much cut every single on of our investigators. we where working with all the old investigators of the old elderes and none where progressing so we just pretty juch cut every single person except for janete, she will be  babtised this sunday its gonna be elder dance first im super pumped up for him. she is an awesome lady and she is super dead set on following the church. she has 3 little kids and it is pretty hard to get super spiritual with them but what do you do. sometimes i just want to give them the boot. but the work is going really well. were trying to work alot with the members but it is pretty hard they are kind of flaky. to everyone who is reading this email: give the missionaries refferences and all the help you can without them asking and you will make there life so much easier. ha ha. but ya so i think this week we are just gonna start using the old fashion ways and use our own forces.
so this week we planned this sweet activity that were are gonna do here in a couple weeks im so pumped up for it. me and elder dance where thinking about it and then we where like why the heck not so in out district meeting we made up a plan and presented it to bispo and he was all heck ya lets do it. so were gonna have this big dinner and every one will bring there freinds and it is gonna be sweet and us missionarys are going to do like a show thing it will be so funny. the name is country night so everyone will bring country food and it will be a good time. our show is gonna be like the day of a missionary so were gonna do like all the super funny crazy things that happen in a day of a missionary it will be awesome and the most important part is at the end we will give a tour of the chappled like all the room and it will be super spiritual and awesome. im so pumped up for it.
so today i think were gonna go on some sort of hike or something it is gonna be super sweet.
so carnaval has started and it started on saturday and will go till tuesday and until tuesday we have to return home at 5pm every night it is super annoying. but what do you do. it isnt really a big party where we live or atleast in our neighboorhood but it is pretty tense in some of the other areas. but it will end on tuesday and we willl be back to our normal working schedual. they dont mess around when it comes to their partying here. they go all out and they said that the first couple days arent bad but the last 2 is when it get real crazy but we will see.
my comp elder dance is awesome. he is speaking super good and he really has the drive to work and to help people. i love the kid
we live with one other dupla and they are way cool to but i will tell you what im learning patience with them. they like to just leave everything good and dirty and i cant stand dirty thing so i do alot of dishes and cleaning and i thing they know that i cant stand dirty thing and that if it is dirty than i will clean it so they use that to there advantage ha ha. but thats what im here for is to serve so it is all good.
well i hope you all have a wonderfull week i love you guys so much.

love elder furrows

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