Monday, June 24, 2013


that is so flippen awesome that jaden got his call tell him congrats for me. and that is so lucky that he is leaving so dang fast. that is super cool. i remember when i got my call it is one of the days in my life i will never forget. good times.
it sounds like all is going well back home the nice weather is starting to come back around and your starting to get out in the yard and do some yard work. i could lie and say that i dont miss doing yard work but i miss it alot. but for sure the mission is better and i can do yard work here:) that is if you can find any one with a yard ha ha.
so this past week has been an amazing week me and elder dance where talking alot this past week about how we are wanting to have more spiritual experiances, and we where talking alot about it because we where both feeling like we werent having very many. so we where talking and then i realized maybe we are having these experiences but we just are not recognizing them so we made a goal to try harder to recognize and when we recognize to tell the other. so we did it this past week and i will tell you what we have alot to be thankful for. every single lesson we had the spirit was strong and after we left we talked about how we felt the spirit and how it guided us during the lesson so that was really cool to realize that i am having so many great experiences i just have to stop and recognize them. so that is my challange or you all this week is to stop and really take time to think about how the spirit is guiding you in your life and in the moments when it happens to stop and thank the lord for letting you feel of his love and spirit.
tell elder swanson and hall i miss them to
and yes my mother dear of course we get to call home on mothers day. and ya it will most likely be skype again:)
can you believe it is already genral conferance my second week in the field was conference in linhares and i remember it like it was yesterday. im so pumped it is always a spiritual boost to here the apostles and prophet talk. im super excited.
well my week last week was great and im sure this one will be even better love you all and hope you all have a great week i know i sure will. thankyou for the support and the prayers know that they are being answered for sure.
love Elder Furrows

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