Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy 4th of July 7/7/12

hey how is it going. this week was super good. but im not gonna lie im so dang tired. every single day this week we got up and left the house super early. and we didnt get home until super late. monday the elderes that were going home they had there interviews and so we had to get to the office to open it for them. and we worked our buts off monday all day finishing everything for the transfers and then went to presidents house for our monday meeting. it was a super good meeting and after president ordered dominos pizza for us and it was like taking a bite of america ha ha. so monday night we were at presidents house until late and then tuesday president picked us up at our house at seven and we went to get all of the suplies and take them to the church wher we had the transfer. the transfer was awesome, after the transfer i had to go back to the office and prepare some things for this american that got here. o ya tuesday we got to go get the new missionaries at the airport and it was so flippen cool. i loved it. we brought them back to the presidents house and we had a dang good lunch and then went to the transfer. tuesday night we got all the stuff prepared for the fedral police for that new elder and we had to get pictures printed out of him and walmart was the only place open so we went to walmart and i will tell you what it is sure strange to be a missionary in walmart after 9 oclock but you got to do what you got to do. we had some little problems with the pictures and i was praying so hard that everything would work out and it did. it is so crazy how the lord blesses us so much when we are on his errand. i went to the fedral police 2 times this week and the people there like us alot  so everything always just goes so smooth but i always have a prayer in my heart the everything will go well. it is funny i have really learned alot about pray on the mission. you can pray for anything. i am doing the lords work in the office and for sure it is different than what i was doing before as a regular missionary but i know that the lord is blessing me with inspiration to fulfill my dutys. so the assistants are living with us now and me and domaredzky are companions. he is such a stud i love the kid and he is helping me alot with the language. my first brasilian comp. also this week we went to mcdonalds it was so flippen amazin and i didnt even like mcdonalds before the missionbut it was so good yesterday. well i am happy im loving the work and i pray for each and every one of you. thank you for everything

ps the package got here today thank you mother dear.

Love elder furrows

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