Monday, June 24, 2013

Flying By... 1/28/13

one more transfer has past and gone. holy cow the transfers are flying by so fast. i am being transfered, to know i dont know, but i have faith that the lord will bless me with an area that is less hot!!!!!:) ha ha, it is impossible to have an area in our mission that is more hot than this one so it is all goood.
   well it sounds like all is going well back home! that is good. ya i saw sheen that looks pretty rough but im glad that she is ok. ya i heard about all those people that died that is super sad. oh real fast the pics are one of me and the bottom of my old shoes and the other is this last week i hit the 1 1/2 year mark so i burnt me a pair of pants ha ha it was a good time. 
      this last week was super good. atila is kind of struggling, he doesnt want to be a trouble for anyone so he just says no. we cant get him to commit to anything so that was kind of frustrating. he prayed this week and received a confirmation but he is scared to follow it. Graciani has gotten super mole on us. she is doing everything we ask her to do but she is doing it all for the wrong reasons so she is not getting answers to her prayers. it was kind of frustrating with her this last week. so i have learned alot in this ward. it has been a pretty tough area as far as the ward goes. but it was good for me. last night we had a cood thing happen. we where walking in front of this huge nice house and out of no where we hear elders. and i look back and it is these two members. well it turns out that that is her dads house and that he hasnt let any missionaries enter into his house ever. he barley lets his son in law into the house. and he invited us in there last night and it was super cool. i fealt like i was in the united states. the house was huge with a pool and everything, it was really cool but the coolest part was is that when we left, the member, she was like in shock. she couldnot believe that we had gotten in there. and that he liked us alot. he invited us to come back whenever we wanted so it was very cool. the Lord is working hard that is for sure.
    tell rusten congrats on the calling and that i will be praying for him so that he will be able to magnify his calling. he has been given the authority to fufill his calling now he just needs to find and exercise the power in his authority. im sure that he blessing was super good. and yes i feel his hand in my work. 
  well i hope that all is well i love you all have a great week. enjoy the super bowl for me:)
love elder furrows

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