Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Mother's Day 5/14/12

that was so fun to talk with you guys yesterday and as you said in your email i pretty much said everything so i dont have to much to write today. but i will try and write a little bit.
    so first happy mothers day i hope that talking to me was a good enough present ha ha. cause it was good for me that is for sure. thank you for being suc a great mom you really have helped me so much in my life and taught me so much and have always been there when i needed you and even when i thought i didnt you where still there. sometime as kids we think that we are smarter that are moms and that we dont need them or there advise, but boy are we wrong. thank you for never giving up on me through it all. im sure that sometimes you thought that i was a lost cause ha ha. but you whrer always there to help me. that is a thing that you are so good at. you dont ever give up and you dont ever stop loving and helping. thank you so much for you wonderful example. you are the greatest. i love you so much happy mother day.
    also to all of my second moms, that always fed me always let me stay at there house and always treated me like i was their own thank you so much rebeca, ronnie, annie, joelen, and all the rest happy mothers day to you all your all so great. love you all.
   so this past week has been pretty rough on the missionary work our whole zone is having troubles finding new people to teach and it is really frustrating. but were praying and fasting and working our butts off and it will get better i know it.
    this morning we woke up and it rained the whole night, and our padio or however you spell that word was covered with like an inch of water and i had a text message from a member asking for help to move all his things because when it rains here there is no where for the water to go so it just starts to flood and the people wo live in the low places get flooded so ya it flooded pretty good and it is gross because the valão(poopy river) gets super flooded and it goes everywhere so that is not to good. but we will help them get it all cleaned up for sure.
       well that is about all i got to say. thanks for everything thank you wishing me a happy birthday. love you all have a great week.
    love Elder Furrows

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