Monday, June 24, 2013

Change of Plans 5/7/12

so this past week was a very interestin  week with all the happenings. joão vitor was not baptised. that was kinda sad. we had gotten the signature from the mom and everything but the dad found out a flipped. so we didnt end up getting a baptism this week but my district baptised and my districts glory is my glory and really it is all the lords glory but i glory in my lord so it all works out ha ha. we had a super good meeting with our leader of the ward for the missionarys and it was super good were gonna get some good stuff organized and it will be a good time. this transfer is flying by so dang fast it is blowing my mind. i only have two more week in this transfer. this week were walking down the road and this guy comes up to us and starts telling us that he is a medium and that his ansestors are trying to use him to do black magic and stuff like that so we invited him to church and he came and then we marked a date with him and it was super cool how it all worked. and to think i thought it was just another crazy man in the road ha ha.
so i have been studying about the 12 tribes alot lately and yesterday inchurch the patriarc gave a class on the tribes and it is just some awesome stuff i never realized how much information is in the bible until this past week. i always just kinda dindnt give the bible the time of day but it is a good book ha ha.
that is super exciting that they are goin through the temple. tell them congrats. tell rusten sup for me and good luck at the swim meet. and im excited to talk to you guy on sunday also it is gonna be supper supper good. dont worry about the whole internet thing it will all work out i will go there on sunday and look up my skype thing just get on my computer and accept. dont stress ha. love you all have a great week
love elder furrows

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