Monday, June 24, 2013

Feliz Natal!! 12/24/12

hey hey how is it going for you all back home. it is going very well here. this week was super great we had a lot of sucess and we did a sweet service project up in the mountains it was nice and cool up there. we also had transfers this week and we have two new elders living with us now so that is nice. we also had a fun christmas party it was a good i will call tomorow at about 3 your time. sheena said that it would work out for you guys i hope. 
     i love christmas so much it is such a wonderful spirit that is in the air. i got the package from the ward adn i love those stories that were in ther so much. i cried as i read every single one of them. im really striving to serve and to help more people. well i love you so much sorry this is so short but i will chat with you tomorow:) love you so much. have a great party tonight and a great christmas morning. i willl im sure. 
Elder Furrows

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