Monday, June 24, 2013

cada é o jubilo :) 5/21/12

so this last week was a super good week so much stuff hapened, funny, crazy and spiritual growth. so first of all that is super cool that jaden did such a good job on the talk tell him congrats and to keep un the good work. also we found out about transfers already and im leaving this area but im  not sure to where yet but im pretty excited about that. elder dance is staying here. he is such a dang good missionary i have honestly learned so dang much with him it has been so great. this mission is so fun. so my birthday was so good. it was super fun i got three birthday cakes ha ha. and it was super good. the members here are so awesome. and elder dance did a little suprice for me so that was cool. we went to the house to teach a lesson and after the lesson she pulls out a cake and elder dance gave me a present. he gave me my favorite tie of his it is super cool. it was a great day.
      so i did 2 baptismal interviews this week for elder bodily and rossi and only one of them baptised the other lady passed and it was all good up till sunday we went there to get her me and elder bodily and she was drunk and had been smoking it was really sad. elder bodily was pretty down on him self cause this already happened once with her. it is the same lady that had the demon in her. and as we were leaving elder bodily said " the thing that is the hardest is that i remember the day we gave her the blessing to cast the demon out and she fell on the ground and started speaking in a voice that wasnt hers sayin she is mine she is mine you will never take her from me" and he said the worst part is that it is true she is not alowing her self to be loosened from the grasp of satan. so that was sad.
       so to expain the subject of the email, yesterday at the baptism the drunk dude came in from off the street and he was just sitting there and we got done singing the first him and he starts shouting oh glory glory thank you god thank you jesus. and then he is all cada é o jubilo which means where is the rejoicing and then he went on and i said the prayer and he was shounting the whole time i was about to loose it, it was so funny and final bishop got up and took him out of the room it was so funny. but after that the baptism was super good.
   so last night i had on of the coolest experiences of my mission. we went to visit a less active member and we showed up and the husband was really cold to us he wouldnt really talk or anything but we kept talking and making conversatiion and showing that we were intersted in their lives. well he started to open up and then tell us why he left the church and the spirit really just filled the room and me and elder dance where definatly used as tools in the lords hands last night. he said "im not going back to church until god tells me that i need to return there"  and i was all come on man that is not gonna happen you know as well as i do that god will not tell you that because you already know that you need to go back to church. well we kept talking and talking and the spirit was just super strong the whole time and as we were leaving he is all " hey elder you know how you said that i god wont ever tell me to go back to church?" and i was like ya. and he just was like thank you and looked me in the eyes and i could tell that he had recieved his answer that he needed to go back and it was super cool. i was super happy with it. so i learned from that experience that you can just walk up to someone that is doing something wrong and start calling them out it all starts with love and the lord will guide you the rest of the way.
     so my week was good tomorow is the transfers and im super excited to see what happens. well i hope everyone has a good week love you all.
love elder furrows

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