Monday, June 24, 2013

All is Well in Zion 8/18/12

hey how are you doing this week. it was good to here from you ha ha. dont worry about it mom. i knew that you were busy or that you had a good excuse. so you went to colorado that is were austin is serving did you see him? ha ha. probably not. that is good that grandma is getting better im praying for her to get better. so she wants to go to a nursing home? that sounds like it will be a pretty good place with a price that hi. is it already decided that she will go? who will buy her house. i have always wanted to live in lyman ha ha. 
      so tina and kevin and sabrina are all there? how are they doing? tell them all hi for me. how was kenyons wedding? im sure it was very good. tell them congrats for me. so when does school start for rustin? will he be in 8 th grade already? if so time is flying super fast. 
    well this week was good it was the week of transfers and suprisingly everything went super smooth so that was good. we got a new assistent elder tatagiba and he is living with us now. he is super cool and funny. elder pellegrini got called as a trainer and he was so excited he is such a great guy i love him. the new missionaries are always so fun to talk to they always have that fire in their eyes and you can tell they are ready to break the barriers. at the transfer there were these two sisters that got put together and when president said there names i thought the rough was gonna come down with how much hatred they had for one another. so president talked to her and she only has like 2 more transfers and sher will go home so president was all do you just want to go home one early and she was all ya. so were sending her home. it willl be good she causes alot of problems. im not gonna lie there is one thing i dont like about the office, it is that you are caught up in all the problems and drama of the mission. it is really annoying. when i leave the office i just want to go to the zone that is the farthest away and just keep out of these problems. i dont know if on your mission there was a missionary that the president just loved and thought that he was an angle but the oly people who thought that were president and sister. well ya we have one of those on our mission and he is causing alot of problems for other missionaries. i just want to stay out of them mess but im always right in the middle of it. but all is well in zion ha ha.
       so this morning we went and did a service project it was super fun. i cut my finger open pretty good but it was still fun. we were all singing as loud as we could and there were like people that would walk by on the street and start singing with us to it was so fun. 
    last night was super good we found a family that is super legit. the mother is super interested we just have to help them realize the importance of going to the church. but we will get them there for sure. also last night we taught a chinese man. it was super intense. we found out that he believes in got but he doesnt know anything about it. but he asked the golden question last night and we got his interest. so that was awesome.we just got to get him baptised befor he goes back to china. 
    so ya my design that i made was of the salt lake temple. she is still studying it so we will see what she has to say about it.
o ya so on wednesday we had a meeting at presidents house for all of the zone leader and the staff. and after we had a big churrasco and we played soccer it was so dang fun. this week was a good one and i know that better ones are to come. have a great week i love you all
love Elder Furrows

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