Thursday, June 27, 2013

me desculpe ha ha ‏ 2/18/13

so sorry about the whole not emailing last week. this last week it was carnaval( it is that holiday were they party hard and the girls dance samba pretty much naked in the roads) so everything was closed and we didnt have anyway to send email, but no worries im doing great. holy cow when you miss a week of email you miss a lot of information ha ha. but it sounds like everyone it doing super good and that rusten is a champ swimmer tell him that he is a boss. you are in utah right now? does rusten not have schoool right now? 
 well as i told you that im back in jd da penha. the work is going great it is a little slower that im used to but we are trying to get things up to speed. we are working hard. this last week i got a little frustrated with the work, i was compaining alot that we werent having success and we really werent. and so i was down on my self it seemed like every person that we had that was progressing just stopped wanting to now about what we had to offer. and i was just getting more and more fed up. it is wierd because we are having so many good ideas and helping so many missionaries but it is like our area is not progressing. well yesterday we went to a meeting with our ward mission leader and he could tell that i was pretty down and so he started talking about his mission and how that everything that happened on his mission served to bless him in his life. he said that the hardest times that he had in his mission and the things that he learned in those times are the most useful things in his life. so we left the meeting and we had to do a couple more contacts to make our goal and so we are doing street contacts and it was about 8;45 and we were right by the church and there was this young man on his bike and we went up to him and invited him to come see the church so he came and we sat down and taught him a super fast lesson( we call them 5 minute lessons, we teach the restoration and the book of mormon and invite to be baptised)  and he was super excited and fealt the spirit and we invited him to be baptised this next sunday and he was like for sure. im not sure if he will be baptised or no but one thing that i learned is that success is all about attitude. my attitude was bad the whole weeek and the Lord was not blessing me and the minute that i changed my attitude last night the change was from night to day. the mission is so great. im loving it so much. it is passing by so fast it is crazy. well i love you all and hope that you have a great week. im sure that i will in as much as i look for the little blessing in my life and am happy. i will strive to do that. 
love Elder Furrows

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