Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Halloween! 10/31/11

Hey hey family! Well it sounds like things are still going right along back home. That's good. Happy Halloween. ha ha. Ya they don't really celebrate it down here, and it is not today. It is like the 2nd of Nov. Day of the Dead is what it is called. I think if my translations are correct. ha ha. Well I'm sure if anyone can make the whole property a spook ally, it will be Rusten. I can't believe he went to Dr. Slaughters! I don't even like to go there. ha ha. 
Ya Sheen kinda told me about the shower thing. That sounds like you had a good time. Ya Travis and I always chat back and forth. It is fun. I can't believe Austin is about ready to take off. Tell him good luck for me and give him a hug ha. I bet that music was amazing. They are both so good at playing their instruments, it would have to be. My whole group of friends huh? Who is all left still, I don't even remember? 
Ya I'm not too sure about that whole Skype thing. I'm sure that you can use mine, but we will have to be able to look it up and add each other, and I'm not sure I remember my user name and stuff, but get on and check it out. 
Ya I finally finished it. It is such a good book! It's probably one of the only books that you can read as many times as you can and learn something new each time! You got that letter huh? That is good. Ya I kinda spaced sending it til then. ha ha. 
Alright so the turtle farm was legit. It was right on the ocean and it is not really a farm. I just don't know what else to call it. It is kinda an exhibit type of deal I guess, but they have all these turtles and they tell the life story of them and how they have to make it to the ocean and just everything. It was super cool. 
So this week was a pretty dang cool week. We found this lady one day while we were knocking doors and she had just barley finished praying for guidance and help in her life, and right as she said amen we knocked her door, so that was pretty sweet right? Then we gave this other lady a blessing on the first visit for her back and that was pretty crazy, but such a cool experience. So with Rose and her family, it was a crazy week. So Wednesday we gave her the baptismal interview and she passed, and she is ready to be baptized but come Saturday we were at the church waiting for her and she was not showing up or answering her phone or anything. And finally she answered and she said that her and Alex got in a fight and she didn't want to be with him anymore and so she didn't feel as if she was in the right mind set to be baptized. So after a half hour of marriage counseling from two 20-year-olds who have never been married, we had kinda calmed her down, so we finished the night and all of us missionaries sang a song and had 
cake and everything for the baptisms and for two of the elders in my district that are leaving this week. 
Oh by the way I'm finished with my first transfer. Crazy right? So Sunday morning we went to get Rose up for church and it was like 7:30 and we went in and gave her some more marriage counsel and then told her to get ready and then we left and she still didn't show up to church and she was still mad and Alex and everything, so we went there afterwards and everything was all good. They had made up I think, and she asked us when is the soonest that she could be baptized 
so this Saturday if all goes as planned, she will be baptized and Brenda too. 
That is about all that went on this week. ha ha. It was a fun week that's for sure, and Elder Swanson and I will stay here to finish up our training. The next transfer is the 13 of Dec. and Elder Swanson's parents are coming down here to pick him up so I will get to meet them. I'm pretty excited for that. 
Well love you guys. Have a great Halloween and a great week!
Love, Elder Furrows
So the first picture is in this really crappy part of town that I thought was cool. The next two are at the sacrament meeting in Interlagos. They have the meeting on the roof, it was sweet. Then there are just some others. The last one is us making banana pancakes.

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