Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Investigators. 10/17/11

Hey hey! How are you doing this week? Everything here is going very good. Well that snake story obviously we had to go back and take a picture and throw some stuff at it or else we just wouldn't have been satisfied with ourselves, but the coolest thing about that day was right after that happened we knocked on Rose's door and her whole family is so legit. Ya I'm definitely blessed to be here! There are a ton of missionaries that are stuck in the states or had to serve in the states for a while. ha ha. Spud harvest, you're just a working women, that's funny. I'm glad you liked it so much. It is way fun. 
Yupp I have heard that Pelligrini is doing awesome. he had 2 baptisms this past week to. that is cool you guys all went to women's conference together. Sounds like you are just having the time of your lives together, just you girls and your girls nights ha. Ya that mail strike thing is still going on. Freaking Brazilians, no just kidding ha ha. Idk, they will get there sometime. I have sent a letter every week, so don't worry. :) Ya there is a rainy season and it is right now. It is raining like crazy and then it's always super hot right after and humid, but it's all good. You know what I realized that I have never ever asked you about your mission mom! Will you tell me some stuff about it? Maybe in a letter so I have time to read it, but I want to know about it. Yupp, the people here, or the members at least, are super strong and they do give all that they can for sure!
Alright so this past week has been really cool. We had some dang good lessons and we taught Adonias, the man whose family is all members, and he is a super funny guy, but we had to get serious with him this last week and burn him, so hopefully that will help. Then Rose and her family are all way awesome. They are progressing dang good, and her husband is interested and he was all, "I prayed to know if it's true and I don't think I have gotten an answer, but I just can't stop thinking about the Book of Mormon." And so we explained to him some stuff and he is super excited to read, so that is cool. Then this last week we had our first zone conference it was so good. We left our house at 2 a.m. to catch the bus and didn't get back until the next morning at 6:30 a.m., so it was a long day, but it was way good. Then on Saturday we got permission from president to go to a soccer game to support Rose's brother who is the goalie for the city team. So we went to that. It was the cuppo do espirito santo, but they lost, but it was still way cool. 
So everything here is going really well. I have lost all the weight that I put on in the ctm, so that is good. Um besides that that is all I can think of really. Well Saturday night we were on our way back to our house and we got there like a half hour early and so we just dropped off our bags to go back out and do contacts and the first guy that passed us on his bike stopped in front of us and was like, "Where do you live?" And we're like, "Right here in this bairro." And he was all, "You realize I could kill you two right now?" And we're just like, "Crap, why didn't we just stay in the house?" And so we're all, "Sir, have you been drinking?" And he was all, "Ya a little." And then we realized he was just drunk off his butt, so we told him to go home and then he was like, "Alright, have a good night. God be with you." ha ha. That was pretty fun. 
Well hope all goes well this week now that you're gonna be super bored with no more potato harvest to do ha. Well love you. Have a good week.
Love, Elder Furrows
So these are really the only new pictures I took this week. The first one is Elder Arudjo and I. He is my district leader, and this is on the way home from zone conference. The second is at lunch one of the days where we had chicken feet soup. It was yummy. ;) ha ha Not. Then the last one is at the soccer game. That was the toilet, no door, nothing! Just a hole in the floor, and that nasty thing! It was so funny.

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