Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rose's Baptism! 11/7/11

Hey hey family. Well this past week was flippen sweet. We baptized Rose! It was so awesome. I was dang scared because I baptized her and her name is about a mile long, and then I had to say the prayer and everything. It was nuts, but it was so flippen cool. Then on Sunday I  stood in on her receiving the holy ghost. Oh it was so awesome. Alex is 
not getting baptized yet because he is never home, so it is hard to teach him but he will be baptized for sure in the near future. Their family is so legit. I love them! So last night we had a family night with some members and Alex and Rose and it was so amazing. The members house who we had it at are some of the coolest people in the world, and they helped us out so much. It is amazing how the members can do what they do here. 
So ya, we watched like the History of Joseph Smith movie and it was so intense and the spirit was so strong there. It was hard to contain it in their little apartment. But ya after a day like yesterday I can see what missionary work is all about. Me and Elder Swanson were just walking home and nothing could get us down, we were just content. So it was an awesome weekend. Everything went just how we 
wanted it to. Saturday morning we had a service project and cut a tree for this lady and then went to the church and cleaned the font and that 
was fun. 
So everything was just good this week. The language is coming along pretty good. We went to transfers on Tuesday and i was talking 
with a lot of the Brazilians so that was cool. We lost one of the duplas 
in our area, so now there is only 4 of us. And Elder Wilson got a new comp, Elder Espinosa. He is super cool. He doesn't really speak a lick of English, so I walk with him to lunch and it is good practice for me to talk with him. 
So this transfer we don't have any conferences or anything, so the next time I will go to Vitoria will be at the next transfer and I will be getting a new comp, probably Brazilian. Crazy 
right? But I'm excited. Elder Swanson's parents are coming to get him, so I will get to meet them. That will be way fun. But everything on the mission life is going good right now. I love it out here and I love the spirit that I feel and I love the people here. They are so amazing and 
they sacrifice so much to be members of the one true church. They will 
receive blessings so great for their willingness, I know it. I love the 
gospel and everything about the mission and this church. It is the 
perfect organization. 
Well love you guys. Hope you have a great week. Sorry that there is no pictures. My computer is messed up. I'm gonna try 
switching and see if I can send some, but if not then I will get them to you next week. Love, Elder Furrows
(He sent this after)
Here are a couple pics of the baptism. Sorry my computer is still not working and I had Elder Swanson email me these. Sorry about the 4 emails ha ha.

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