Monday, July 1, 2013

1 Month Left 6/3/13

 man time really does fly. and this last month i can already tell you that it is going to go by so dang fast. im not sure how i feel about that but whatever im just gonna work my but off and try to forget that in a month im going home ha ha. man im sure that the yard is looking in tip top conditions now. oh how i remember those long days spent working in the yard. good times:) im sure that doug and rusten are working hard. 
        ha ha rusten is gonna throw a big party this weekend? im sure that will be a good time. man i remember those good ole days ha sure it will be a blast. let me know how it goes. man sheena sent me the picture of all the cousins at the funeral wow everyone looks so much older jo, rens son is so dang tall! how old is he now? 
 well this week went very good. it was the week of the mission conferences so we travled alot. i was so dang tired when saturday night showed up that i was waiting for one of my zone leaders to call me and i fell asleep and he called like 3 time and i just slept right threw it. i woke up sunday morning at 6:30 and realized that i had passed out and that i hadnt prayed personaly and not even with my comp. i forgot to brush  my teeth and i slept on top of all my papers that i was using to follow up with. it was pretty funny domaredzky was making fun of me cause he know that i normally am the one who doesnt like to sleep. and this night i konked out and he tried to wake me up and i didnt even budge ha ha. it was a long week that passed by in the blink of an eye. ha ha.
       it was kind of sad this week we had to send 2 sisters home and 2 elders for disobidience. you can imagine what happened. i fealt way bad cause you could see that it started out as something so small and it just got out of controle. and that was just one more head ache to take care of this week. talking with stake presidents in english. wow it is gonna be wierd having to speak only english when i get home. but ya that is about all that happend this week. were having alot of fun. im loving my mission more then ever. hope you have a great week love Elder Furrows

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