Monday, July 1, 2013


well this week was super good. im a little frustrated with the mission. i feel like me and my comp our on one page and the mission is on an other. we want to get better we do everything we can to get the missionaries excited to have sucess but it just seems like there is something that is stopping some from beleiving. it is sad to me when i see missionaries that have such great potential to do well and they dont do their best. or we missionaries dont realize the power and authority that we have been entrusted with. i feel like some missionaries believe that miracles have stoped in our days and they dont trust in their calling as representitaves of the Lord. it is hard to work with people ha ha:) but its all good. there is somthing that my president always says and its that each day is a new mission. so even if we didnt do out best in that day we need to forget about yesterday and serve out best today. so its a good thing that we got a whole new week to work with. 
    i cant believe that travis is home now! that is so nuts. when does alex get home? is it this week or the next? man im so proud of all of my friends they are such great examples to me.  
    ha ha rustens littles kittens im sure are getting the best treatment ever.
  that is great that grandma will be there when i call i love her so much.
wow so all of us will be getting home around the same time that is cool. ha ha the ward willl have a lot of movment going on . man i cant believe that im already finishing my mission it is a sad thought. ya i already received my flight plans. it will all work out good. i will be getting into IF at 12:30 in the afternoon on the 3rd. it is wierd to think that i will be entering into the united states againg, this place has become my home and im not to sure how i feel about leaving here. i love the people i love the culture i love the language i feel like i know the things i know about the chruch and the gospel in portuguese im gonna have to learn it all again in english. the other day we prayed in english and it was the first time that i had done it since i have gotten here. i made a goal in the mtc that i would only pray in the mission language but the other day we prayed in english and i said alot of words in portugues so im gonaa have to practice a little more ha ha.
well i hope you have a great week. love you
Elder Furrows

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