Monday, July 1, 2013

Attitudes 4/15/13

hey so this week was super good. we had alot of sucess and we are super super happpy with all of the results that are happening. we are seeing the miracles happening in front of us. the missionaries are starting to move their attitudes more and more and they are seeing that attitude is everything and that sucess comes through how our attitude is and acording to our faith. this last week we broke the record for baptisms in one week for the mission so we are super excited for that and we are always telling this missionaries that there is no going back we cannot do less than ur potential. this week will be the transferes and me and my comp are going to get juniors so that they can stay in the area and we can travle. it is gonna be fun i was already comps with my new comp and domaredzky also was already comps with his new comp. it is gonna be super fun for sure. this transfer is only 5 weeks so it is gonna pass by faster that heck. im not to happy that the mission is passing by so fast. i think i willl extend? ha ha what do you think mom? 
 wow tha tis cool that everyone is growing up so much graduating and getting baptised that is so good. wow i remember Ellie being like 4 years old that is nuts that she was baptised. and amador to that is so cool im sure that was a great day for his father.  im so happy that you guys are creating that tradition of going to the temple every wednesday you will be so blessed for that . man i wish that i was as strong as rusten and had a testimony like him when i was his age. he will grow so much as he continues on this same path. he is gonna be a way better man than i am. well this week we are gonna be super busy we have to travle alot but it will be good im excited for it. hope all is well. sorry that this email is so short but i love you all
Elder Furrows

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