Monday, July 1, 2013

Baptism Record 5/27/13

hey mom, this week went very well. im sorry to hear about uncle wayne that is super terrible. you and our whole family are in my prayers. i hope that the funeral is super special tomorow. im gonna miss him he was a very great guy that i loved and respected with all of my heart. 
    so the transferes were this last week and me and dom are stilll together but we moved to a diferent house that is closer to everything that we do ever day. it is  a super fun house there are 7 of us that live there so it is always a big party ha ha. this week i didnt even seem like it was transferes we mantained the focus of the missionaries and we broke the record of baptism in the month and we were just under our goal by 7 baptisms. i was super stressed yesterday becuase i am seeing that the devil is getting more and more dirty every week. this week you wouldnt believe some of the things that happened that prevented baptisms from happening. i was frustrated but what do you do. for sure this next month we will do very well. i dont even feel like it is close to the end of my mission. me and domaredzky dont even talk about anything but the mission and so we are super focussed. this week we will travel alot because we are doing all the zone conferences so that will be fun. here are some pics of my birthday, a little party that the members threw for me and the other is in the restraunt with pres. and the last one is of this dog that was in my last area that looks just like good ole beesly. ha ha lvoe you have a great week
elder furrows

ps. so this week the liahona showed up and i have been reading the talks because i only got to watch to sessions. im loveing it so much. the first couple talks made me reflect alot. i especially like the talke of elder packer and the part where he said "I have come to know that faith is a real power, not just an expression of belief. There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother." thanks mom for being a righteous mother cause i have seen the power in your prayers

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