Monday, July 1, 2013

Surreal 6/24/13

hey good morning:) it sounds like all is well. im so happy to hear all of that good news about babys being born and people getting engaged. Life is great here. im down to my last week and it still hasnt really sunk in. It doesnt seem real that im already going home. we had a really good week this last week. It passed bby super fast but we had a lot of fun. we worked hard and we are having good results this month is gonna be even better then the last month so were pretty pumped. on saturday we got a train to another city and it was super fun we had never gone by train before so it was a good little trip. we went to a churrascaria with prest and it was amazing. pres really spoiles us alot. 
    so ya as im sure youve heard about the protests here, they are real ha ha. last thursday vitoria had the 2nd biggest protest in all of brasil. it was pretty crazy, we were super close to where it was. we were in the office and it happened write in front of the office. they closed this big old bridge and jsut caused touble but what do you do. we just stayed in the office until it died down and then ran home. if was a good time. i took some pictures. 
      Yesterday they had that transmission that they past about the missionary work and i loved it so much. it is so great to learn from the example of others. we were a little sad because there were very few members that watched it but we as missionaries got excited and it got me excited to do missionary work as a member. there is no greater expirience. There was one part that got to me though. They made that little music video of "i hope the call me on a mission" and it really got me good. i remebered back to the primary when i would sing that song and i never thought that the day would come that i would go on a misison. and now that its coming to an end it seems like i blinked my eyes and it passed. Im so greatful for the great things that i have learned on my mission. I have gained a testimony so strong about this work and about our Savior Jesus Christ. He is our Savior and we depend on him so greatly. I have gotten a testimony of the importance of obidience. it is one of the most important concepts that i have learned on my mission. these last few weeks i have been helping some missionaries move there vision about the mission and i was bearing my testimony to them and i realized how much i have learned and the certanty that i have of the principle of this gospel. i know that our leaders are inspired men and that as we heed their counsils that we will be blessed imensly. 
         Thank you so much for your love and support during the best two years of my life. I love you so much. I look forward to seeing you shortly
Elder Furrows

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