Monday, July 1, 2013

Rio De Janeiro 4/29/13

so this week was super goood. as you already heard i went back to linhares and so rose and alex and the fam. it was so great. i wanted to cry i was so happy they have a goal to go to the temple in june:) im so happy for them. their littlest girl ana caroline is so flippen cute she still remembers my name until this day and she wa so happy when she saw me. she was making fun of me and talking about how i talked when i was there the first time ha ha it was super fun. it was a great lunch. she fed 10 missionaries it was crazy. i have a testimony that the Lord blesses these wonderfull sisters because for one sister to make food for ten missionaries and have enough food the Lord for sure had to do some multiplying thereƧ ha ha. 
       ya so this week was also my first time in the state of Rio de Janeiro it was so cool. we went there to visit the zone conference and divide with some other missionaries there. it was super fun. the people there are so funny the way they talk the acsent is different ha ah. after we just came back to vitoria and went to the office we have a goal of 140 baptisms for the mission in this month of may so we prepared some cool things that we will send to all the missionaries. it will be a good month for sure. 
    yesterday we baptised one of the other sons of Sergio. he is doing super good. he received the preisthood yesterday and that was really cool. he is very excited about the chruch. yesterday was a great day at church cause there was two member that brought a whole bunch of people to the church to vistit and we visited all these people yesterday it was amazing. 
          so ya i didnt know that sheena was going out east that will be cool for her. what are they gonna do there. that is sad that she wont be there when i get home but that is her loss right:) ha ah just kidding. 
        wow there are alot of people getting married. that is crazy that brenan is getting married. wow that is crazy i will be home for that wedding that is wierd.fabian is going on his mission that is so cool tell hiim congrats. that will be super great. when does he leave? 
well have a good week love you all .
elder furrows

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