Monday, July 1, 2013

Hanging with President 6/10/13

so this week was super good we are working hard and having alot of fun. president is super chill he is always just like wanting to do stuff with us so he just like comes to the office and chills and talks to us. we have been talking to him about going to outback steakhouse since like one year ago when me and dom were in the office together and we havnt been because it is in the mall and we cant go to the mall but this week he was all like hey do you guys wanna go to the outback steakhouse and we were like heck ya and so we went and it was so dang good. it was a good time this week. today we have a zone party that we are going to that should be pretty fun. we have our last coucil that we will do on my mission and that is tomorow im super excited because i prepared some super cool trainings. 
      for sure i would like to see them in salt lake i will try to find them. just let me know what gate that they will be waiting at and i will go find them. it wiill all work out fine. 
         that is so nice of grandma and grandpa holm. tell them thanks so much from me. that is good that rustens party went well and there wasnt to many people that showed up, im sure that was a releif. well hope all is well and thatyou week goes super well. im excited to see youall to:) dont worry mom! love you 
elder furrows
hey so here are some pics of outback and one is of a trip that we did with pres and he got super tired so he pulled over and he was all im gonna take a nap, and so he pulled over and he just started talking to us alot and we were having a convo and all the sudden he just sttarted snoring and then like ten minutes later and we took off. he is so funny. 

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