Monday, July 1, 2013

I Love Brazil 4/22/13

how are you doing this week? im doing super good. so ya this last week i got a new junior and it is elder marlette, ya the one you met on christmas. presidente just wants us to get them ready so that they can be leaders the next transfer, those poor suckers ha ha, we just call them like every hour to see what they have done to see how many baptismal invites they have done and dates they have marked it is pretty fun with them ha ha. they will be good and ready at the end of this transfer. 
         ya so you forgot that i know the people at the fedral police so i got the hook ups:) i just have to tell them the date that i want a visa till and they will get it for me ha ha. no just kidding your right i only got till july but i wish i could stay longer but as you said i will be starting a new mission that will be for my good. it is just weird to think about because all i know is this. i dont know if i know how todo anything else anymore ha ha. but i know that it will all work out for sure. 
   so that tv thing was like the day of the church here in espirito santo and we just had to be there to talk with the people and answer the questions. it was super chill ha ha. 
 dont worry the package got here and my comp got his ring. its all safe and sound. the cake is in the fridge and im just waithing till my bday to make it:) my comp is super pumped about it. 
so this past week we travled so much. we just started travling to the north part of the mission visiting pretty much every area till we got to the boudries of our mission. it was super fun cause we went with presidente and sister. so we just talked the whole time and it was great. they are so amazing. they crack me up. pres he cant stand to wait to eat noon hits and he is pullin over to eat or stoping what ever he has going on to eat so we ate very well this last week. they gave us alot of tips and we talked about our lifes goals and everything it was good. we got up to Teófilo Otoni and we had to get a bus to come back to vitoria for a meeting on saturday morning. it was a rough bus ride i didnt sleep at all and so im good and tired. Sergio is doing so good. he was confirmed this week and it was so good. i have never seen a confirmation so spiritual in my mission. he is a very great man. he has a spirit so strong and he has so much faith that  it blows my mind. 
  it was also fun this week we got 23 new missionaries and they are all so excited. i love the new missinoaries because they dont know what is going on they just want to work. they dont care about the bad areas of the mission or bad comps for them it is all the same and they are amazing. this week we are also going to travle alot but it will be good. 
          ha ha good ole Wes, tell him hi for me and that im looking forward to his visits when i get home. 
man i have just realized so much latley how much i love the brazilian culture they are so happy and it is so different. i think about not being around brazilians and it makes me sad. but what do you do. so im writing this email and this song just came on the chruches radio station its called: Give It all to him, by Tel Dyer, wow  it was rough listining to it ha ha if you know me well you know that im a softy ah ha. but i love you and hope that all is well. have a great week. 
Elder Furrows

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  1. Hello Elder Furrows!

    I was researching about the beginning of evangelical preaching in Brazil and the missionary work of some churches and certainly the work that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does is awesome!
    By the way how I got this post… I saw this video / after this and later THIS blog.

    I was impressed to know how broad and blessed is the work of your church, all done with dedication and without focus on financial returns, with the true aim to preach the gospel and help people; with social actions, donations and also offering a free collection of information about the families, “FamilySearch" (the system is fantastic, easy usability and accessibility).

    This work done here in Brazil, makes us reflect that we should bring more souls to Jesus, do the work with greater effort and dedication and I felt the need to do this more frequently, anyway, try to be always faithful to God and not only at times when we are well… after all God’s love never fails, we often are flawed with him.

    Very cool the initiative to publish about his mission in Brazil, I’m sure you must have done blessed work here!
    Read this post give to realize that you loved to be here and sought to fulfill its mission responsibility and being so far (for a long time) of your family and friends.

    The Lord will reward you so much for all that time of dedication and work for God, must have been quite tiring, but rewarding!

    Congratulations on your courage, effort, determination and truly serve the Lord! Worth it to serve the Almighty God

    Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

    God bless you!